Beginner Class Curriculum

NOTE: This curriculum follows the National Standard of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.  Beware of organizations with similar sounding names. They are not the SPCP. Please do your research.

Due to popular demand, microblading is now included in the fundamental training, but this is NOT a course on only microblading. Read below for curriculum.


Benefits, and limitations
Introduction to different types of equipment, pros and cons about each
Needle sizes and groupings
Practice with different types of tools (coil and hand tools) and needles
Intro to the rotary, set up, parts, maintenance of and practice with synthetic skin                

Intro to microblading and single needle hair strokes, practice technique, depth of needle placement and artistry of microblading and nano or single needle hair stroke brows. This is taught with drawing, use of several types of mediums and at instructor's discretion, student will perform on live models if student is ready artistically, and technically.


Sterilization and sanitation procedures
Autoclave procedure/spore testing
State law and OSHA regulations regarding tattooists
Anatomy of the eye and skin
Skin diseases, disorders, and medical conditions to be aware of and avoid
Reviewing health history, client’s informed consent
Test on sterilization, sanitation, and blood borne pathogens


Color Theory
Primary, secondary and tertiary colors
Learn to mix and change colors
Different pigment manufacturers, ingredients, MSD sheets
Determine client’s undertone
Five ways to select the right colors to harmonize with the skin tone
Blue lip factor
Fade out, residual changes over time
Color correction
Color theory test


Facial Morphology
Analyzing facial shapes and features
Practice on head forms
Practice holding and stretching eyelids

How to set up simple systems in your clinic including forms and filing
Business, including liability, insurance, becoming an independent  contractor
Marketing and promotions that inexpensively bring clients to you
Procedures test   


Client consultation and evaluation
Chart notes
Preparing models for procedures
Use conventional makeup to review client expectations before procedure
Pre-and post-care instructions
Following your clients and touch-up visits
See an actual client consultation by instructor and perform consultations with and without assistance
Photographing models during consultation
Techniques and applications                                                                                               Patch testing and allergies                                                                                                        Correct student technician positioning and posture to ensure safe application for both microblading and machine methods                                                                               Pigment acceptance                                                                                                                   Blending pigments                                                                                                                     Rules never to be broken


Sharpen your skills with hands-on practice with live models including:

Observe instructor’s application, reinforcing the knowledge gained in Sections I through VI
You will complete 1-3 each of brows micro bladed and/or powder filled in , eyeliner and lip liner on live client/models provided by DermaTech.

Questions and answers, course evaluation, and receive certificate upon satisfactory test results and practical performance and completion of all requirements.

Attire: Dress comfortably for 3 days of theory (comfy) 3 days of clients (professional, but comfortable). Please trim long nails.

Perfumes and fragrances are not allowed due to allergies but deodorant is appreciated.

Bring with you: Remaining tuition if not already paid, your home study assignments, and your positive and energetic spirit!

Models: 6 Models will be provided for you. If you wish to bring your own model(s) please let us know in advance so we may schedule their appointment in.

Class Hours: (Flexible) 9:00 am or earlier to 6:00 pm or later-approximately. 

Class Days: Since classes are very small, dates are flexible and special arrangements are allowed. 1-2 classes are scheduled per month, with 1-2 students enrolled. 100 hours credited-35 home study hours-65 class hours (semi-private) with 2 students.

Tuition or financial agreement is due before start of your class.

*If you prefer, arrangements for a repayment plan for the Derma-Tech Permanent Cosmetics course may be arranged in advance.

* Your student kit will be given on the first day

* Your certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.