Why DermaTech?

If DermaTech  can answer all your questions, address all your fears and concerns beforehand,  you will be assured that you will have the best possible result you could hope for, then you can trust you will love your new permanent cosmetics! 

Make sure the artist you choose to tattoo your makeup on permanently will design it on YOU just the way you want it, before the tattoo process begins. NO EXCEPTIONS! You won't regret it. If you like your own make up, bring it with you.  Applying cosmetics is an art. For example, go to several makeup counters at a department store and have an artist at each different counter show you what they do to make your brows, eyes or lips look the way you hope they will look. No two looks will turn out exactly the same. This is what I do. I understand you may not know how to communicate or even know what you want, and by showing you options on your face, with your feedback, together, we will know what's best for you.

If you are confident applying your own makeup, I will enlist in your help, opinion and expertise to make sure I do it just the way you would.

A good price is great, but...don't get lured in ONLY by price. Remember: Everywhere YOU go, your face goes with you. If you don't like it, you can't exchange it.                                            

Shopping for bargains when it comes to clothes and shoes is smart. When it comes to your face, be very careful! The money you saved for a permanently poor result is never worth the price of the way you feel wishing it turned out better. 

Stop in, browse through several of my portfolio books which are in the waiting room. Relax, enjoy a Keurig cup of coffee, herbal tea or lemon water from our self serve beverage bar anytime. For a free 30 minute consultation, call or book your appointment right from here to schedule an appointment.

In your complimentary appointment for a consultation you will actually get to see the difference between correct shaping of your brows, liner and lips, and what natural enhancement looks like, versus a more dramatic look, depending on your personality, and individual taste.  You will see how a little bit of cosmetics properly placed, blended and designed will enhance your natural beauty, It's a fun and informative session that will allow you to see beforehand, what to expect.


1. Prior to every procure consultation, the shape and design of the brows, eyes, or lips is finalized using regular daily makeup. You MUST be happy with how it looks. Only then, the delicate tattoo process begins.

2. First it starts as a shadow, checked for color and placement, then it gradually becomes darker and more defined. Shaded, feathered or solid, this is a unique process.  Using a hand mirror, you are encouraged to see the beginning stages of your makeup take place as it is being created.

3. Before completion, you will be asked to look at it, and at this point, fine tuning and adjustments may be made. This assures you are getting exactly what you want. No surprises. You can be conservative or dramatic. From start to finish, the consultation and procedure usually takes between 1-2 hours.

4. Two complimentary touch up visits are included within the first year. The color can be changed, darkened, or lightened, shape can be adjusted. This is further reassurance to you that you will love it!

If I can answer all your questions, address all your fears and concerns beforehand and you’re assured you will have the best possible result you could hope for, then you can trust you will love your new permanent cosmetics!
— Mary Tanneberg-Hisel