I’m gorgeous, thanks to Mary and her students! I can’t believe all the compliments I get, everybody tells me I look at least 10 years younger (especially my husband)!
I’m telling EVERYONE!
— Barb W. | Wenatchee, WA


   Mary Tanneberg-Hisel, CPCP

Owner and founder of DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics, Mary has developed a proven step by step time tested system of inserting pigments into the upper dermal layers of skin. Mary is a proud supporter of the SPCP, the largest permanent cosmetics organization that promotes excellence, safety and ethics.

A look into the history of Mary and her journey of developing Permanent Cosmetics- from 1988 until today.



Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP) 

To take the certification exam and maintain CPCP status include proof  of training, current blood borne pathogen training, continuing education credits and to strictly abide by the SPCP Code of Ethics.

This mark of excellence and competency in the field of permanent cosmetics ensures quality service and safety to the public. For more information, go to www.SPCP.org 

An one of the original pioneers in the Permanent Cosmetics field, Mary offers extensive permanent cosmetics training from basic fundamentals to advanced levels as well as specific training in the field of para-medical training.

Professional and educational experience:

  • Washington State Dept of Licensing Body Art Advisory Committee 

  • 2014 Shades and Strokes with Teryn Darling and Mary Ritcherson

  • 2007-2013Washington State Dept of Licensing Cosmetology Advisory Board 

  • Certified Eliminink Tattoo Removal with Alicia Seyhanli 2010

  • SPCP Board of Directors 2005-2007

  • Guest Speaker-the Panel of Experts at the SPCP Fall Conference, Toronto, Canada 2007

  • SPCP Membership Chair 2005-2007

  • Train the Trainers SPCP Savannah, Georgia 2005

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the SPCP

  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens-Health Educators 2004

  • Train the Trainers SPCP Las Vegas 2004

  • Guest speaker for the 2003 AAM Expo Las Vegas

  • Trainer/Member with the SPCP

  • OSHA BBP Standards-Health Educators 2007

  • Train the Trainers SPCP, San Fran 2002

  • Derma Star Areola Complex, Camouflage and Color Correction 2002

  • CMI certified micro pigmentation instructor, FAAM, member of AAM www.micropigmentation.org

  • American Red Cross certified in Universal Precautions 2001

  • Derma-flage certified 1991

  • Founded Derma-Tech Permanent Cosmetics in 1988

  • Perma-Derm certified in 1988

  • Licensed Cosmetologist since 1979

Thank you for visiting my site. How lucky I am that I am in a profession that is simple, yet people say it gives them them the freedom and confidence to be who they are. They can swim, sweat, exercise, play, cry and LIVE their daily lives without fear of their brows disappearing and loving that they look their best always. To see smiles, tears of joy and to hear the words "This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!" over and over again, I am the one who is blessed! Thank you for trusting me all these years.

And to all my clients, I am here to freshen up your permanent make up for a very very nominal cost to you, remember, your DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics is guaranteed for LIFE!

DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics is a uniquely systematized approach of applying cosmetic tattooing to ensure you will have the beautiful, permanent professional results that thousands of happy clients have come to expect with DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics. If you are interested in becoming a technician of permanent makeup, Mary has been teaching for 25 years.