Q: What is permanent cosmetics?

A: Also called cosmetic tattooing, permanent make-up, or occasionally, micropigmentation, it is a procedure of artistically placing color into the upper dermal layer of the skin. Although permanent, aging and sun exposure will cause it to fade over time. For this reason, touch-up or refresher appointments may be desired every few years to keep your makeup looking it’s best.

Q: What procedures are available to me?

A: EYEBROWS - are created for many reasons, such as for brows that are too light, short, sparse or nonexistent. They can be designed to enhance your face and personality, create lift, symmetry and balance.

EYELINER - enhances the shape of your eyes,  creates the illusion of larger, properly spaced eyes, and whether you choose natural lash enhancement, or darker, dramatic liner, your eyes will become more alluring than the naked look of no makeup or messy eyeliner.

LIP LINER/FULL LIP COLOR - corrects uneven, lips that are too thin, or too thick, scarred, or lacking in color. If you have trouble with your lipstick feathering, permanent cosmetics corrects the problem. It is also used to enhance the shape ofa nicely shaped mouth.

CAMOUFLAGE and AREOLA PIGMENTATION - are specialty procedures that help individuals with certain needs.  It is used to soften, blend and minimize scars, or to create a nipple from breast reconstruction.

SPECIALTY REQUESTS - Just ask! From tattooed toenails to scalp cover-ups, if you can improve it with conventional make up, we can possibly help.

BEAUTY MARKS - just for fun!

TATTOO REMOVAL- lighten, fade unwanted tattoos, limited to small areas.


Q: What should I expect?

A: Immediately following the procedure, there may be some swelling, and redness and very rarely, a small amount of bruising, lasting a couple hours to a couple days. Within 3 to 7 days, the color will be lighter, and less than the first day. In 3-4 weeks, you are ready to have your first complimentary touch up. This lightening is to be expected, and is a wonderful safety feature with this procedure, allowing for changes in shaping and color if necessary.


Q: Why do I need touchups?

A: Your two optional complimentary touch ups are for peace of mind. They allow for the freedom to add more, change the color and/or shape, and to come back for any reason.  That way, if it.s not exactly perfect the first time, you know you can return at no more expense, up to 2 times within 12 months.

Q: How long does it last?

A: Your new permanent cosmetics will last a lifetime.  Generally, the lighter, and more natural you have it, the more likely you will want to periodically freshen up the color, every few years.  We record your colors and offer touch ups at a very low cost to ensure your makeup always looks it's best.The darker and more dramatic, the less you will notice fading. The softening of color that is associated with tattoos is  sometimes very desirable with cosmetics, and the muting  is a nice look  without ever touching it up. Hot sun climates will require touching up sooner compared to a colder or rainy climate.  You will want to avoid skin peeling products such as Retin-A or microdermabrasion directly on  the tattooed areas.

*Remember to always use your sunscreen and good sun sense to help maintain your color.

Q: Does it hurt?


A: With the use of over the counter topical anesthetic creams specifically formulated for permanent cosmetics, the discomfort is greatly reduced, most of our clients describe it as slightly irritating or scratchy feeling.

Q: Is the procedure safe?

A: Safety and comfort are of utmost concern. Single use, sterile disposable, individually wrapped needles, tubes and tips are used. Pigments, and any products used are discarded after procedure. All OSHA guidelines are followed. There has been much confusion in the past regarding MRI's and tattoos. For your reassurance, go to www.MRIsafety.com  register and type the word "tattoo" in the search box or read this article on Tattoos, Permanent Cosmetics, and Eye Makeup

Q: Can I change it?

A: Although the procedure is permanent, shape variations and color adjustments are possible either during the initial touch ups, or any time in the future. It is recommended to consider keeping it natural, and enhancing it with regular make up if you are not sure how dramatic you would like to have it permanently.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The initial appointment usually takes 1-2 hours, the touch ups generally may be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Every new procedure includes 2 complimentary touch ups, to be used within a year of the initial procedure.

Q: What will it look like?

A: When the new procedure is completed, this is NOT your healed result, it should look too dark and too much. This is the color on top of your skin, which is temporary. There may be a small amount of swelling and/or bruising, or none at all.   When it is healing, it may look patchy and slightly crusty. In a week, you will see your healed result, a softer version of the bold color immediately after.

Q: What responsibility do I have?

A: ASK QUESTIONS! . Research your potential permanent make-up technician. Have the technician show you with conventional make up, what the results will look like,  if  the technician cannot create the desired look with regular make-up, the chance of  creating the desired look permanently is not likely. Your face is too precious to risk unsatisfactory results!

Be sure you have seen a portfolio of their own work, not a purchased "generic album" of someone else's. 

Be sure the pictures are not edited or enhanced with regular makeup.

Be sure they are following proper sterilization procedures,  their artistry appeals to you, and their knowledge of what they are performing on you meets standards that are acceptable to you.

Be sure to follow the care instructions on how to take care of your new permanent cosmetics.

Q: How do I know if my technician is qualified to work on my face?

A: This is the question that is the hardest to answer. There are currently, NO set standards or a fair measure of competency here in Washington State. All one needs is to pay the annual licensing fees to the State, a quick online bloodborne class and general liability insurance is required. No knowledge or skill is needed. No test of any kind and no certificate of training is required. There are a few states that do offer minimum requirements. For more information on your state laws, go to the US State Regulatory Information page: http://www.spcp.org/legislat.htm

Be diligent in choosing your technician. A few questions you might want answers to are:

  • References, and portfolio of actual work performed.
  • Where and how long was your training?
  • How often do you have continuing education, attend national conventions and stay current on bloodborne pathogens?
  • How many procedures do you do in a week?
  • What if the desired result isn't achieved?

Ask to see certificates. With no state requirements, you,  the client are at risk. Protect yourself, be informed! If you check it out beforehand, you might save yourself a lot of heartache and $$ in the long run. Length of experience does not necessarily denote good or bad artistry, trust your instinct. If you don't feel 100% confident, walk away.

Not all permanent cosmetics are created equal, it's a lifelong commitment. Be careful be safe. You're worth it! 

Good luck and enjoy your new permanently beautiful look!

Q: Why choose DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics?

A: DermaTech Permanent Cosmetics has been in the Wenatchee Valley since 1988. With a proven tract record of 1000's of happy clients worldwide, the DermaTech system has been a virtual success and the basis for it's success is YOU, the client.

Your satisfaction from the moment you walk in the door the first time, combined with maintaining a life long relationship with you is the reason DermaTech has been the gold standard for the past 26 years. You are assured the same quality of care years after you had your permanent cosmetics the first time, and probably even better than the first time! With new advances, and as a nationally renouned educator in the field, Mary continues to improve on techniques and products. You will always be able to return for a "refresher" at a very reasonable cost, because it's important that you look your best all the time.

All your information is safe and confidential, but available when you  come back (even after 20 years).

DermaTech is committed to quality, artistry and safety of each and every client, each and every time. That IS the gold standard.